Preston Energy - Intergrated Energy Project Solutions

Why Preston Energy?

Preston Energy is committed to adding value to our clients business. Our unique combination of experience and expertise enables us to assist clients to plan and implement state-of-the-art integrated energy solutions which meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements whilst featuring robust risk management systems, enabling reliable power supply and optimal energy use.

At Preston Energy, we build project resilience through the application of our extensive experience. Our goal is to provide clients with the necessary insight to anticipate and transform the energy and utility future.

Unique insight

The Directors at Preston Energy have sat on both sides of the project desk – as clients and as external project consultants. As a result, we are inherently aware of the complexities and often competing agendas of key project stakeholders. Our specialists are able to provide insight and perspective on project imperatives with the ability to pre-empt potential adverse events before they unfold.


Our complementary backgrounds coupled with the depth and diversity of our experience enables us to bring unique clarity and focus at each stage of the project to consistently guide clients in their strategic orientation within evolving energy markets.


Preston Energy’s team of experts bring a proven and successful interdisciplinary approach to each assignment. Using highly innovative and collaborative practices, we are able to deliver exceptional service to our clients and build stakeholder confidence in the availability, reliability, sustainability and profitability of their energy solutions.


Our business structure allows us to be flexible in the way that we operate and interact with our clients. We are able to tailor services from a full turn-key service – from initial analyses and feasibility, through strategic planning and project design to financial closure and implementation of the project. Alternatively, we have the flexibility to provide advice and facilitation in selected areas of the project.

Where advantageous, we are able to operate in-house with clients as part of operational and senior management teams and/or at board level. In doing so, Preston Energy is able to build capability and cohesion internally, optimising decision-making processes, reliability and security around the project.

Proven track record

The Directors of Preston Energy have pre-eminent industry reputations for providing trusted, state-of-the-art and quality advice to project principals, leadership to project teams and a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes, on time and within budget.