Preston Energy

Project Management

Preston Consulting provides a comprehensive project management service to assist clients to gain a competitive advantage in an ever changing energy market place.

We are committed to front-end planning. Once a comprehensive understanding of the project and its objectives has been obtained, Preston Energy will assemble a team of specialists to work collaboratively with the client with the aim of delivering the project:

  • On schedule
  • Within budget
  • With the required performance capability
  • At an optimised cost and
  • Compliant with uncompromising quality, environmental and safety standards.

Our team of experts bring a proven and successful interdisciplinary approach to each assignment, providing services in many different segments and facets of the energy business.

We can support clients at a strategic level while also managing the enabling components of the project, including acting as a representative on our clients behalf to expedite various aspects of the project thus allowing clients to focus on their core business.