Preston Energy - Intergrated Energy Project Solutions

Approvals and Regulatory Interface

Our affiliate company, Preston Consulting, is a specialised environmental consulting firm with expertise in Approvals and Environmental Management. In partnership with Preston Consulting, Preston Energy can coordinate the Approvals process for the construction and operation of power stations and other large projects.

We have positive and productive relationships with regulators and a clear insight into the assessment process. We are familiar with details essential to gaining a timely outcome and can liaise with regulatory representatives on behalf of our clients to minimise the potential for red tape and delays in gaining Approvals.

Typical services provided by Preston Consulting to acquire necessary Approvals for large-scale projects include:

  • Project managing the preparation and negotiation of Approvals documentation with various Government departments and key stakeholders, including environmental, State Agreement, Mining Act, Local Government, licences for power generation and reticulation and other.
  • Scoping and managing the input of specialist consultants as required
  • Attending meetings with Regulators and key stakeholders
  • Reviewing and benchmarking Approvals documentation and
  • Providing regulatory advice and compliance assessments.

Preston Energy can also work on the Renewable Energy Target to assess, optimise and manage clients exposure.